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Facebook Prank: Man bathes in Florida Wendy’s kitchen sink

The WalMart prank committed by Laren Love was pulled from YouTube. Now a prank that has many in Florida refusing to eat at Wendy’s again was found on Facebook. An unidentified man takes off his clothes leaving only black shorts on, enters a sink that is filled with soapy water. …

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How to find Qibla direction from my house?

Many Muslims around the world travel a lot. They continue their daily prayers even while they are away from home. Finding the direction of the Qibla which is located in Mecca in the country of Saudi Arabia can be difficult for some Muslims. Google launched the Qibla Finder which allows …

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Instagram model, Julia Slonska performs prank to gain followers

200-year-old sculpture damaged by Instagram Model Julia Slonska

There are so many ways a person can gain and lose followers on social media. However, these days, some people tend to want to gain followers by doing something “edgy”. Julia Slonska, an Instagram model, is one of those “edgy” people See: Lauren Love’s Walmart Prank and YouTube Slonska recorded …

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Tell No One: Pedophile Priests in Poland

Documentary About Pedophile Priests in Poland

TELL NO ONE (2019) | Full Documentary Movie by Tomasz Sekielski | English Subtitles is a documentary that is heartbreaking to watch. As an ex-Catholic, watching this documentary was extremely hard. The victims who met with their abusers and told their stories for the world were very brave. The extend …

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Lauren Love’s Walmart Prank and YouTube

YouTubers Pranking Walmart Employees

YouTubers are at it again doing pranks for views and that Adsense money. Not All Working Class People Enjoy Your Pranks! As reported, Lauren Love decided to visit Walmart and pretend to be from the head office. She went around the store commenting on Walmart worker’s performance. In some instances, …

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