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James Charles' No More Lies response to Tati's Bye Sister

Changes to SocialBlade due to drama created by Tati, James Charles, and Jeffree Star

Many tuned in to see Tati’s video “Bye Sister” which was about James Charles. What followed were people mass unsubscribing to James Charles and many subscribing to Tati.

It was a historic moment in YouTube history when James Charles lost, and Tati gained subscribers in 24 hours. Many took to Twitter and Reddit to proudly proclaim they were watching James Charles’s subscriber numbers fall in real time over at SocialBlade.

Things got heated up even more when Jeffree Star and others spoke out against James Charles. However, James Charles, Tati, and Jeffree were the main three who were having a go at each other. They were spilling so much tea a lot of people were at the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next.


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People over at YouTube headquarters, it seems, have also seen the drama unfolded, which is understandable. The drama was so big that mainstream media across the globe had written about it. A list of famous celebrities who had unsubscribed to James Charles was made which didn’t go unnoticed.

How Tati, James Charles, and Jeffree Star’s drama changed YouTube?

According to The Verge, YouTube is changing the way subscriber count is shown. Rather than an exact or near exact number showing, YouTube will show a flat number (Example: People will see 5 million instead of 5,999,098). According to YouTube, the abbreviated number is already being shown on some YouTube channel, and by August, all channels will have an abbreviated subscriber number shown.

This may effect Socialblade and other sites that rely on YouTube’s API for subscriber counts. Furthermore, it may stem the live stream of subscriber counts many YouTube channels have done in the past with Pewdiepie vs. T-Series and more recently between Tati and James Charles.

Creators will have access to their full subscriber numbers in their YouTube studio account.


YouTube is changing how subscriber counts are displayed, possibly shifting its culture