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Lauren Love’s Walmart Prank and YouTube

YouTubers are at it again doing pranks for views and that Adsense money.

Not All Working Class People Enjoy Your Pranks!

As reported, Lauren Love decided to visit Walmart and pretend to be from the head office. She went around the store commenting on Walmart worker’s performance. In some instances, she “fired” people by asking for their Walmart vest and badges. The workers didn’t seem to question Lauren.

However, one worker was devastated by this prank. Maria Leones broke out in tears after being told she was fired from her much needed job. Loves’ treatment of Leones highlight the issue that many in the public sphere have with YouTubers. The lack of empathy and sympathy or even forethought that many YouTubers have for others in their pursuit of more subscribers and more views which leads to higher Adsense earnings have many frustrated.

Why Are These Pranks and “Social Experiments” Wrong?

These pranks and so-called “social experiments” are wrong because the people conducting these do so without first thinking what could go wrong. For Maria Loenes, the thought of losing her job devastated her because she helped cover her husband’s medical expense. Love didn’t know that. She didn’t bother to ask herself whether her prank would harm the Walmart workers. Even if Loenes didn’t have a husband who needed her job to cover his medical expense, there could have been one worker with a mental illness, history of depression, or so unnerved by the idea of being fired s/he may have harmed him or herself or others. All of these possibilities and more needs to be taken into consideration. For many of the working class people, their job is their life. Without their job, they cannot pay their bills, buy things to eat, or provide for themselves or others in their lives.

YouTube needs to take a more radical approach with these prank videos. Removing Love’s video off the platform does not work. It only gives others the incentive to “prank now and ask for forgiveness later” in the hopes that negative media attention will still bring in views and subscribers. YouTube needs to look into permanent demonetization and banning of YouTubers who prank others.


‘You’re fired’: Heartless prank brings Walmart employee to tears