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Tati giveth and the Tati taketh away: To James Charles “Bye Sister”

I am predicting “Bye Sister” will become the new “Bye Felicia” pretty soon. It’s been a really interesting month so far for YouTubers. ProJared’s cheating scandal follow by the downfall of James Charles. And boy was that a downfall. James Charles made a YouTube first when he became the first YT create to lose the most followers within 24 hours. Tati, on the other hand became the first person to gain subscribers within 24 hours. I would be lying if I said I didn’t watch James Charles’ numbers when it was in free fall.

Everyone weighed in and had something to say (even Pewdiepie!). Pewdiepie, the most subscribed to YouTuber on the platform, even got some backlash from people who said he didn’t understand the situation.

James Charles did issue an apology but many considered it to be real weak and appeared to be fake (no tears). However, it’s been awhile since anyone heard from James Charles, maybe someone should do a wellness check to make sure he doesn’t do anything drastic. It could be really depressing to watch ones career go up in smokes and who knows, maybe he’ll be able to bounce back from all this. Or not.

Moral of this whole situation: Promote your friend’s product, don’t promote your friend’s competitor, and NEVER get on Tati’s bad side.

For anyone who aren’t up to speed on what is going on with James Charles, I’m not going to rehash everything here. Hop over to the BeautyGuruChatter to read the megathreads there.


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