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Tell No One: Pedophile Priests in Poland

TELL NO ONE (2019) | Full Documentary Movie by Tomasz Sekielski | English Subtitles is a documentary that is heartbreaking to watch. As an ex-Catholic, watching this documentary was extremely hard. The victims who met with their abusers and told their stories for the world were very brave. The extend of abuse within the Catholic Church is rather alarming.

With over 15 million views, I think releasing “Tell No One” on YouTube was the best way to get the world’s attention and hopefully more people view this documentary in its entirety. The world needs to wake up to the dangers within the Church. While change is slow, it is good that Poland has taken a step towards punishing these pedophile priests by increasing the jail time from 15 years to 30 years. However, more needs to be done. The Church should answer more for the way it handled these problematic priests. Many of the priests were kept within the Catholic Church even after it was known they were raping or assaulting children. In fact, the priests were moved around to different parishes which gave some of them the opportunity to go after new victims.

Countries need to understand that the Catholic Church isn’t above the laws of men. The Catholic Church shouldn’t be allowed to police itself outside of the Vatican. Countries need to take action to prevent future rapes and abuse by priests by setting stricter laws so that problematic priests aren’t moved around in secret.