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#VoxAdpocalypse has started, already several channels have been demonetized

YouTube has started demonetizing several accounts after implementing a new policy.

What does Vox have to do with YouTube demonitizing videos?

This month, an issue arose between two YouTubers, Steven Crowder and a Vox writer known as Carlos Maza. Maza has accused Crowder of harassing him using his (Maza’s) sexuality and other derogatory terms. Apparently, the harassment Maza endured from Crowder has been going on for quite some time).

Carlos decided recently that he had enough of Steven’s harassment and he became very vocal about it. However, YouTube, having said they done a thorough investigation, had refused to deplatform Steven for homophobic bullying. There was an outcry on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and in the media over YouTube’s decision to keep Steven on the platform.

As a result, YouTube decided to pass a new policy which will see the removal of hate speech from the platform.

So what is the #VoxAdpocalypse?

Right now a lot of YouTubers are being deplatformed or demonetized by YouTube for violating the new policy. Quite a few people are blaming Vox for this new change. It will be interesting to see what happens once the dust settles.

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